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Winery Wedding in Eldon Missouri We spent a beautiful day with Emily & Kevin as their family and friends gathered at the Shawnee Bluff Winery in Eldon Missouri to see them wed.  The day began hair and makeup and culminated in that moment when Emily put on her dress.  Her dress left us speechless, while […]

Eldon Missouri | Emily & Kevin

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Earth Themed Dinner : Farm to Table Once in a while we all need a get away, even if it is just for an evening.  To break away from the norm and take part in something mysteriously magical.  Lately a new wave of wonderment has been all the rage out at Blue Bell Farm where […]

Blue Bell Farm : Earth themed Dinner

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Earth Themed Styled Session Collaborated We invite you to feast your eyes on our Earth Themed Styled Session! Once again we had the amazing opportunity to capture another beautiful collaboration with hand picked local vendors. The venue, Blue Bell Farm, is near and dear to our hearts. We will follow up this blog post with […]

Blue Bell Farm | Earth Themed Styled Session

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