The sights of Göteborg, Sweden

During our trip to Sweden, we had a chance to wander the streets of the bustling city of Göteborg (Gothenburg).  While the second largest city in Sweden, (second only to the capitol city of Stockholm) this metropolis manages to still feel small and intimate.

We started our day in the quaint Haga District which is Göteborg’s oldest suburb and dates back to 1648.  It’s full of cobblestone streets and a blend of small cafes and boutique shops.  We bought many souvenirs from local shop owners and stopped for a fika (coffee break) at Cafe Husaren to sample the largest kanebullar in Sweden.  A ‘kanebullar’ is the most amazing cinnamon roll you will ever eat!  It has the spice cardamom in it and it tastes just like Christmas – seriously!  Sweden is known for this amazing pastry and it has become one of the things I miss most.

We wandered through the beautiful Dutch-style canals stopping to snap photos here ant there and found ourselves at the Feskekörka (fish market) where they sell fresh fish caught right off the coast everyday.  The market is shaped like a church and is also a consecrated place of worship and matrimony – quite an odd combo!  While the architecture was appealing – the smell was not.  However it was fascinating to see all the different types of fish and crustaceans that were for sale.  I’ve never seen so many edible sea creatures!

The architecture surrounding the canals are my favorite part of Göteborg. The image of antique buildings reflecting off the still water in the evening was so serene against the bustling trams and residents on their way home for the evening.  It’s definitely a place I hope to return to someday.

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