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A Day in the Woods: The Summerhays Family Annual Photo Session by Columbia Missouri family photographer Love Tree Studios

The Summerhays Family’s annual photo session is always a special event, but this year, it was a day to remember. With their 18-month-old son, Brooks, taking center stage, the session in the beautiful woodlands of Missouri became a heartwarming experience filled with love, laughter, and endless memories.

Nestled in the serene embrace of the Missouri woodlands, the Summerhays family embarked on a journey to capture their unique family bond against the backdrop of nature’s splendor. The setting was nothing short of a fairy tale – towering trees, dappled sunlight, and a gentle breeze rustling the leaves, creating a picturesque canvas for their family portraits.

From the moment the session began, Brooks stole the spotlight. With twinkles in his eyes and an uncontainable curiosity, he explored the wonders of the forest, making for adorable and candid shots that perfectly encapsulated the joy of childhood.

The woods provided a natural playground for Brooks, and the family happily followed his lead, creating moments that were both spontaneous and magical. Nestled in the woods, we found a fallen tree and had to explore more which made the most heartwarming photos.

As the sun ventured higher in the sky, the golden light bathed the woodlands in a warm, ethereal glow, adding a touch of enchantment to the already enchanting scene. The Summerhays family embraced each other, holding hands, sharing laughter, and gazing into the lens with genuine affection. These moments of connection and love were the essence of the day.

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The Summerhays’ annual photo session was not just about capturing images; it was about creating memories that will last a lifetime. Brooks, with his wide-eyed wonder and boundless energy, reminded everyone present that the magic of childhood is a treasure to be cherished. The beautiful Missouri woodlands served as the perfect backdrop for this remarkable family, capturing the essence of their love and togetherness in a way that words could never express. In the end, the annual photo session was a day filled with joy, love, and the undeniable magic of the Summerhays family, and it was a day they would all treasure forever.

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