Welcome Home Baby Emery : A Columbia, MO Newborn Session

‘Beautiful girl you can do amazing things.’

I love this quote over baby Emery’s dresser because it shows the hopes and dreams that her new life brings.  She has just begun to live and the possibilities for her are endless.  *sighs and smiles*

Amy and Josh have been a part of Love Tree for as long as I can remember.  We have watched their family begin, thrive and finally grow in numbers as they now welcome little Emery Grace to the world.  She is simply adorable with those little chubby cheeks and soft eyelashes.  There’s just nothing better than a new baby.  All is well with the world!

Let’s talk about this nursery shall we?  I had high expectations from Amy who is an amazing artist and decorator herself, but was blown away by the beauty I beheld when I entered Emery’s nursery.  The light walls amplified the beautiful light flooding in through the window and every detail was lovingly selected and placed in just the right spot.  The beautiful print above the crib, the collage of feathers, antlers and arrows above the dresser, and my favorite – the delicate wind chime made of quartz hanging from the ceiling all nodded to the delicate and feminine theme of the room.  It was perfection!  I expected nothing short of that from Amy’s creative design genius.

So, welcome home baby Emery!  You are so loved and we are so very happy you have arrived.

love, a

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