Welcome Home Baby Lincoln : Columbia, MO Newborn Session by Love Tree Studios

Welcome Home Baby Lincoln!  I’ve known this family for a long time.  We go waaaaay back – like back to the 90’s when Christina and I were in middle school wearing clogs and vests.  ( I know – jealous, right?)  I’ve had the honor of seeing her fall in love and start a family and nothing brings me greater joy than watching her and Steven welcome their newest addition to the family.  Baby Lincoln in perfection – I mean, that mess of dark hair!!  He’s already got all the ladies swooning and he’s only a month old!

Big sister Elena was the highlight of my time with them.  She was poised and ready for the camera and willing to do anything I asked of her – including some warm-hearted cuddles with her new baby brother.  She was a dream and so gentle with little Lincoln.  She’s going to be such a great big sister!

So, welcome home Baby Lincoln!  You are wanted and loved by all!

love, a

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