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A Timeless Affair: Catie and Zach’s Elegant Black Tie Westminster College Wedding

Catie and Zach recently celebrated their love in a truly enchanting black-tie affair that exuded elegance and sophistication at their Westminster College wedding. The historic Church of St. Mary Aldermanbury at the Winston Churchill Museum, nestled within the picturesque grounds of Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, provided the perfect backdrop for their sacred union.

The ceremony, bathed in the soft glow of stained glass windows and steeped in history, was a testament to the timeless love that Catie and Zach share. The historic charm of the venue added a touch of regality to the occasion, making it a Westminter College wedding to be remembered.

Catie, the epitome of grace, walked down the aisle in a white satin gown that left everyone in awe. The dress featured a stunning bow on the back, adding a modern twist to the classic silhouette. A cathedral-length veil and blusher completed her look, turning her into a vision of timeless beauty. Zach, equally dashing in a classic black-tie ensemble, awaited his bride at the altar, radiating joy and anticipation.


Reception at the Club at Old Hawthorne

Following the heartfelt ceremony, the celebration continued at the Club at Old Hawthorne in Columbia, Missouri. The reception venue, with its refined ambiance and impeccable service, provided the ideal setting for an evening of joyous festivities. Guests reveled in the couple’s happiness, surrounded by an atmosphere that seamlessly blended modern luxury with timeless charm.

From the historic church ceremony to the sophisticated reception, Catie and Zach’s Westminster College wedding was a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity. Every detail, from the intricate bow on Catie’s gown to the grandeur of the reception venue, reflected the couple’s commitment to creating a celebration that would stand the test of time.

In the tapestry of their love story, the threads of history, elegance, and personal style were intricately woven to create a day that will forever be etched in the memories of all who attended Catie and Zach’s elegant black-tie affair at Westminster College.


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