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Intimate Courthouse Wedding

Alidia + Jordan

Alidia and Jordan’s intimate courthouse wedding in Columbia, Missouri was a testament to the power of their love. With a simple yet heartfelt ceremony, surrounded by their closest family, they embarked on a journey of togetherness. After exchanging vows at the courthouse, the newlyweds ventured to Shelter Gardens, a picturesque location that perfectly captured their joy and happiness. Join us as we delve into the beautiful story of Alidia and Jordan’s special day.


The Courthouse Wedding

Sometimes, less is more, and that sentiment rang true for Alidia and Jordan’s courthouse wedding. In the heart of Columbia, Missouri, the couple chose the intimate setting of the courthouse to declare their love and commitment to one another. With their loved ones gathered around them, Alidia and Jordan exchanged heartfelt vows, creating an atmosphere brimming with love and joy. The simplicity of the courthouse ceremony allowed their love to shine through, as they embarked on their journey as husband and wife.


A Picturesque Location: Shelter Gardens

After the courthouse ceremony, Alidia and Jordan headed to Shelter Gardens, a stunning location that served as the backdrop for their wedding portraits. Nestled in the heart of Columbia, this botanical garden offered a serene and enchanting atmosphere, perfect for capturing their love on camera. As they explored the lush gardens hand in hand, the beauty of nature mirrored the beauty of their relationship. Every photograph became a cherished memory, showcasing the radiance of their love and the joy they shared.


An Intimate Celebration

Alidia and Jordan’s wedding was a celebration of love and the start of a lifelong journey together. Their decision to have an intimate courthouse wedding reflected their desire to focus on the essence of their commitment, surrounded by the people who mattered most. The simplicity of the ceremony allowed them to cherish the moment and fully immerse themselves in the joy of becoming husband and wife. It was an occasion filled with love, laughter, and heartfelt connections that will be cherished forever. Alidia and Jordan’s intimate courthouse wedding in Columbia, Missouri was a heartfelt celebration of love and commitment. From the courthouse ceremony to the stunning portraits at Shelter Gardens, their special day was a reflection of their deep connection and the start of a beautiful journey together.


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