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A Jefferson City Engagement: Addie and Dede’s Love Story

Capturing the love story of Addie and Dede in Jefferson City, Missouri, was an absolute delight. Their engagement session was a beautiful blend of nostalgia and romance, set against the backdrop of some of the city’s most charming locations.

A Nostalgic Beginning at Ernie Vivion Baseball Field

Our afternoon began at the Ernie Vivion baseball field, a place brimming with personal significance for Addie and Dede. This is where their journey together started. Dede, a passionate baseball player, was out on the field, and Addie was in the stands, cheering with friends. A mutual friend introduced them, and as they say, the rest is history.

Revisiting this spot was was the perfect beginning for their session. Although we couldn’t go on the field, the energy between Addie and Dede was infectious. Whether they were sharing a laugh or a tender moment, the love they have for each other was palpable.

Romantic Strolls Through the Governor’s Gardens

After reliving their first meeting, we headed over to the Governor’s Gardens. This location offers a stunning array of natural beauty and stonework, perfect for an engagement shoot. As we walked through the gardens, Addie and Dede’s personalities truly came alive.

These two are FUN, and it shows in every photo. They danced down the garden paths, laughed at inside jokes, and even took a moment to sit and reflect on their journey together. The Governor’s Gardens provided a picturesque setting that complemented their dynamic and loving relationship perfectly. The gentle light filtering through the trees added a magical touch to their photos, making each shot feel like a fairy tale.

Their love story, full of fun, laughter, and deep affection, was a joy to capture. I can’t wait to join them at their wedding and I’m grateful to have been a part of this beautiful chapter in their lives.

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