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Missouri River Engagement Session by Love Tree Studios

Carol and Scott recently celebrated their love and commitment to each other with an engagement session on her family farm along the banks of the Missouri River. They chose this beautiful and meaningful location for their engagement photos, and the result was a romantic collection of images.

Carol’s family farm provided the perfect backdrop for the engagement photos. The rolling hills, fields of buffalo grass, and  sparkling waters of the Missouri River created a picturesque setting.

They chose to have their engagement photos taken in the late afternoon, when the sunlight was soft and warm. As a result, this added a romantic and dreamy quality to the photos. Because of this, looked absolutely radiant as they posed together.

One of the highlights of the session was when the couple walked hand in hand down to the banks of the Missouri River. The river flowed gently by as they stood together sharing a sweet moment of connection.  The river was at a season low and as a result, beautiful river rocks were now exposed.  Because of this, a beautiful white bed of river rocks now added a natural backdrop to their Missouri River engagement session.

Overall, Carol and Scott’s engagement session on her family farm was a beautiful and romantic celebration of their love. It shone through in every photo, and they were able to capture beautiful memories that they will treasure for the rest of their lives.


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